Become a founder

We’ll help you build amarket-leading startup

No idea needed – just passion andentrepreneurial spirit

Our team is always vetting market opportunities. We have a short list of high-priority company ideas that we’ll work with you to pursue.

Bringing the resources in theLever network to you

We bring a network of formulators, co-manufacturers, scientific advisors, distributors, branding agencies, and investors to each of the companies we co-create.

Global reach

We work with entrepreneurs wherever we see opportunity – worldwide. We can accommodate remote/ flexible work, and we have capabilities to add value across the globe.

What we look for

We’re open to all backgrounds and experience levels. That said, some attributes may make you stand out:

1) Demonstrated interest in alternative proteins and/or entrepreneurship.

2) Either 4+ years of work experience in CPG/consulting/finance or graduate-level study in engineering/biosciences.

How it works

In exchange for a small equity stake, we’ll co-found your company with you.
We can help you find a great idea to pursue, identify a co- founder, raise capital, and tackle any other challenge that you face.

Meet with us

Tell us about your experience and what kinds of things you’d want to work on.

Team formation

Once we have a concept in place, we’ll help you find any co-founders you might need.

Business plan

We’ll work with you to model your business and create a pitch deck for potential investors.


We’ll discuss a few ideas until we find one that we think could be a good fit for your interests.

Due diligence

After finalizing the team, we’ll start working on specifics for product design and company strategy.

Fundraise and scale

We’ll introduce you to potential investors, and once you’ve secured the capital you need, we’ll help bring your products to market.

Nice to meet you

We just need some introductory information to get started.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or at team@leveradvisers.com